Ginja do Senado

Discover the unique taste of Ginja do Senado, a must-have souvenir of Macau.
Specializing in Ginjinha, a traditional Portuguese liqueur, Ginja do Senado has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Each sip is a tribute to centuries-old craftsmanship and dedication, forging cherished memories and embracing the delight of this Macau treasure.

A Taste of Love: The Legend of Ginjinha Liqueur

Legend has it that Ginjinha liqueur, has its origins in a captivating love story. Queen Dona Maria Francisca de Saboya, during her exile, discovered ginjas (Morello cherries) growing in the royal gardens of Óbidos. She collaborated with her master chef to create her favorite liqueur, known as Ginjinha. Crafted in the Royal Kitchen of Óbidos in the 15th century, Ginjinha is considered Portugal’s first of its kind.